Dr. Branon McMichael

Class of 2011

In practice, I can recall many stories where I impacted others, but two stand out. One was a new grandfather. He was going to pick up the car seat of his new grandbaby, and he felt his back give out. He was in extreme pain and came to my office. I was able to help him in quick time get back to work and his new grandbaby. Another was a young mother who came in with a toddler. She said the toddler had never really slept a full night, and was constantly restless. I performed an adjustment on the young child just as I had many others, but this one had a different result. The mother called me the next day crying and said her baby went to sleep soon after the adjustment - which never happens - and slept the entire night. She claimed the child was calmer and more pleasant to be around and thanked me for treating her son. It was a warm-hearted moment for me.





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