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Dr. Brea Ryan

Class of 2015

Dr. Carl Cleveland III was one of the biggest impacts that Cleveland University-Kansas City had on my life. His love for the profession, keeping the term subluxation alive, and his dedication to his professional students was my favorite thing about the school. Little things like calling us “doctor” in the hallway not only made my day at school great, but also my confidence for my career high. My husband and I also had the honor of leading a philosophy club on campus during our time there, per the approval of Dr. Cleveland. Lastly, the formality of our how our “pre-professional” careers were treated, made my excitement for my future even higher (i.e. the first day on-boarding/pictures, the yearly formal dinners/dance, the business card/entrance to clinic ceremony, prep and overall experience of graduation). I now treat any student-preceptor, associate doctor, or future chiropractor in the same way that Dr. Cleveland treated me.

Early in my career, I made an impact and changed lives every single day of practice. I help patients relate the fact that subluxation not only caused their pain but also their organ dysfunction. By removing subluxations at each visit, those patients know the impact that adjustment in itself is having on their lives. Now, I get to help other docs do what I know how to do, therefore, I am still impacting patient lives every single day through the docs I coach and employ.

I get to hear weekly, sometimes more, of the different things patients have seen improvement on in their lives by being adjusted. My team and I ask them at follow up visits, regularly. One of my favorite things is to hear a mother getting to hold her two-year-old better, or without pain. Or, a middle-aged man who could hardly work his job, get back at it and provide for his family. A woman who had her thyroid panel retested, and it come back better/normal after being adjusted! The stories throughout my last six years in practice are all amazing and endless.

I can further make a difference by standing up for what we know as chiropractors, and respectfully educate not only the public, but more providers in this world, so they can help their patients switch their mindset. There are too many people still out there who do not know the truth about chiropractic and/or what subluxation does, and it is my goal to get the information to even more people in this world, beyond just my practicing community!

My graduation in December 2015. I was nine months pregnant, and my D.C. husband, who had already graduated, got to stand with us!





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