Dr. James Copeland

Class of 1977

Cleveland provided me with a career that, so far, has lasted almost 45 years. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Chiropractic really is my life. If I ever decide to retire, and I can’t see that happening soon, it couldn’t match what I’ve learned so far in my time on this planet.

A specific case when I made an impact comes to mind from my second year of practice. A 72-year-old patient came to my office with problems including: diabetic neuropathy (no feeling below the knees), back pain, fatigue, muscle weakness and much more. We combined chiropractic care, lifestyle changes, exercise and everything else I could think of, and in a year, he was functioning like a much younger man, and could drive again after more than two years without driving.

We've provided relief of pain as well as other symptoms we never even thought might respond to care, every day, for all these years. We can continue making a difference by educating the public and our chiropractic students. Personally, I occasionally teach postgraduate seminars to both students and fellow doctors.





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