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Dr. Jeffrey Trigo

Class of 1999

CCCLA grad in August 1999. Successful family practice in Huntington Beach, Calif., healing the world one spine at a time. A second generation Cleveland graduate (Robert F. Trigo D.C. 1967). This amazing profession is under discovered, and for that reason, a new book was inspired. “To Heal a Nation,” was inspired by the Cleveland chiropractic education program with its beautiful philosophy and technique. Remember miracles happen daily throughout the chiropractic community, educated patients pay, stay, refer and get well. God bless this profession. My memories of graduate school are priceless.

Taking care of the community by offering gentle accurate care has helped thousands reach their wellness goals. I love it when people are so grateful for my hands. I’m always reminding them that I do the adjusting, but God does the healing.

Jeffrey Trigo, D.C. with his book, “To Heal a Nation,” a modern day chiropractic green book.





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