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Dr. Page Crow

Class of 1986

I graduated from the school at 63rd St. and Rockhill Road. I remember wandering the halls there and seeing the very professional teaching rooms. I was very impressed with my teachers all throughout school there. I loved the labs! I particularly loved the microbiology lab. I thought it was great!

We had a wonderful chemistry professor by the name of Dr. Delta Geier. We had Dr. Pat Thomas, and she was wonderful; she was an incredible anatomy teacher. Dr. Rickard Thomas taught chiropractic…I would call it, ethics and principles. I was very impressed with chiropractic anatomy and spinal anatomy when I first met him. He is the consummate chiropractor. Later in school, I met Dr. Hugo Gibson, a very disciplined chiropractor who I learned much from.

I had great teachers at Cleveland - just fantastic teachers. I learned so much at school. I loved going to school every single day, and I miss it dearly. I love going back to school in postgrad. I want to congratulate Dr. Cleveland and everyone at Cleveland University-Kansas City for keeping, supporting, and maintaining this great educational institution for all of us.





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