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Dr. Richard W. Alexander

Class of 1996

I have a different perspective. I transferred to CUKC after going to another school. What I immediately noticed was how much better established Cleveland was! Much better instructors, and they offered the 12-trimester option. Dr. Barlett, and Dr. Gerred were awesome, caring instructors. Dr. Rickard Thomas was amazing! He was, in my opinion, the best technique instructor ever! That's saying a lot, because I had Dr. Hugo Gibson!! He was such a blessing, too!! Dr. Nichols always helped with a reassuring smile on the clinic floor. He made us feel at ease in a very stressful time. Dr. Beckley was so great, too! He just seemed to care deeply for everyone! Dr. Lovejoy was another positive on the clinic floor. He would actually smile and cut up sometimes. Cleveland never pushed any philosophical bias! That being said, they offered a strong chiropractic base! I received an overall excellent education at Cleveland!

I impact people's lives every day in a positive manner! Helping someone improve their health naturally is of utmost importance! I see it every day! People come in and have been hurting, or been in bad overall health for years, or decades, and if they commit to chiropractic care, I usually see positive results.





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