I graduated from the school at 63rd St. and Rockhill Road. I remember wandering the halls there and seeing the very professional teaching rooms. I was very impressed with my teachers all throughout school there. I loved the labs! I particularly loved the microbiology lab. I thought it was great!

We had a wonderful chemistry professor by the name of Dr. Delta Geier. We had Dr. Pat Thomas, and she was wonderful; she was an incredible anatomy teacher. Dr. Rickard Thomas taught chiropractic…I would call it, ethics and principles. I was very impressed with chiropractic anatomy and spinal anatomy when I first met him. He is the consummate chiropractor. Later in school, I met Dr. Hugo Gibson, a very disciplined chiropractor who I learned much from.

I had great teachers at Cleveland – just fantastic teachers. I learned so much at school. I loved going to school every single day, and I miss it dearly. I love going back to school in postgrad. I want to congratulate Dr. Cleveland and everyone at Cleveland University-Kansas City for keeping, supporting, and maintaining this great educational institution for all of us.

I really enjoyed my time at Cleveland. I was able to work on campus and get to know the employees, students, and families of Cleveland, many who remain good friends, and one with whom I started a family. Chiropractors are, innately, some of the best people on the planet, and they draw other awesome people around them; people who love community, health, and caring for others. I’m grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community and I’m grateful for the close friendships I made while in school at Cleveland.

For the last 5+ years my husband and I have produced a podcast and created resources to help other chiropractors get started in practice. We share with them what has helped us, and how we’ve had success in business. We love being able to give back in a big way, to help others have successful careers in chiropractic.

With our education, we’ve been able to positively impact our family, friends, and patients by treating them in our practice, showing them how to live healthy and how to move properly. We’ve also given to many causes during our time in practice, most notably the schools in our area.

We’ve helped patients get back to a place in their lives where they feel happy and alive. They’re able to move better, contribute more, and do things their body once kept them from doing, which many times, is being able to go back to work.

We can further make a difference by continuing to inspire our family and others to live healthier lives. To take care of their bodies, so they can fulfill their own dreams and desires. We’ll also continue the podcast to inspire and educate new chiropractors on the tenets of running a successful practice. More chiropractors, doing better in practice, will help more people lead healthier, happier lives.

CUKC solidified my views on whole body health care, and offered ICPA classes on campus to further my passion in preventative pediatric care. It helped shape who I am as a person, and how I care for my patients. Being a five-year cancer survivor myself has opened a completely new door of care for other cancer fighters, survivors, thrivers, and their loved ones. Being able to talk the talk, and walk the walk with them has not only been physically helpful, but has also helped with the emotional side of cancer.

I have impacted the lives of others by helping little babies breast feed with cranial adjustments, influencing their nervous system so they can be at ease, and rest/digest. It’s very humbling and special to witness. Coming from a place of compassion and understanding while working with cancer patients and working on the emotional side of the VSC.

I can continue to make a difference by continuing to expand my knowledge of care for pediatrics, pregnancy and cancer patients while constantly thinking outside the box about ways to help. I’ve used pregnancy pillows and turned them the other direction to help those that have undergone bilateral mastectomies. This way they can be prone comfortably during an adjustment. I can also continue to volunteer in the community.

I graduated from Cleveland University-Kansas City in 2021. I made the commute from Tulsa to Kansas City weekly, for three-and-a-half years, with the dream that one day I would open my own family wellness practice in Oklahoma. That dream has come true. I am married to a Tulsa native, Dr. Sherri Hays ’11, a second-generation chiropractor, and together we have wonderful twin boys that are full of life! Family is what drives both of us in our personal and professional lives.

My journey to become a chiropractor started while cleaning wrestling mats with Dr. Joey Vrana ‘10. He suggested chiropractic care to help resolve my daughter’s chronic ear infections. That conversation changed my life.

Over the next two years, my family started receiving chiropractic care; the benefits were undeniable. I became interested in how chiropractic adjustments allow the body to heal itself, and was inspired to learn more. After dining one evening with Dr. Vrana and his wife Dr. Devin Vrana ’10, I realized that I needed to become a chiropractor.

I’m a military veteran, and at the time, I was working for the VA in Wichita, Kan. as a rating specialist. I felt drawn to a college where students are devoted to making health care accessible. Within months of my dinner with the Vranas, I enrolled as a student at Cleveland University-Kansas City.

Cleveland gave me a well-rounded education for my career in chiropractic. After more than 40 years in practice, there are many lives I have touched. I am grateful for the experience and to have made a difference.

Reflecting over my many years of chiropractic, I often think of the day that would forever change my life. During World War II in 1944, I was six years old, and my family and I regularly went to the movie theater. Movies always started with the latest news showing paratroopers jumping out of airplanes with their parachutes opening. They would float down to the ground like a bird. It just looked so neat, and I really wanted to do that!

I didn’t have a parachute or an airplane, but my grandmother had a very large umbrella and there was a garage in our back yard. Without her permission, I took her umbrella and proceeded to climb on the garage roof for my very first real parachute jump. It was thrilling!

There were a few problems. Number one, I wasn’t supposed to have my grandmother’s umbrella, and number two, I wasn’t ever supposed to climb on the garage roof, much less jump off. As fate would have it, just as I prepared for my jump, I saw my grandmother and she screamed, “Don’t jump!” But it was too late, I was already committed. I hit the ground with a thud, the umbrella had turned inside out, and I laid there knocked unconscious.

My grandmother called my aunt, Ruth Dodson who worked just three doors down from our house as a receptionist for Dr. Buell Boring, a 1934 Cleveland graduate. Aunt Ruth carried me to Dr. Boring’s office. I remember experiencing the examination and adjustments quite well still today. Who would believe that incident would eventually change my life in such a positive way!

Something very strange and interesting happened after the visits to Dr. Boring’s office. As a young boy, I took medication to control seizures, but it didn’t work. After my failed parachute jump, and the subsequent visits with Dr. Boring, my seizures were less and less until they ended.

My grandmother said those drugs are really working until one day she found them under my mattress. She was very upset and punished me with a good scolding, and that always made me feel terrible. She looked at me and said, “I wonder if chiropractic had anything to do with this.” My family wondered the same.

Following high school, I joined the U. S. Navy to see the world, and upon release from active duty in 1959, started taking courses at the University of Kansas. In 1959, I was involved in an auto accident and ended up in Dr. Boring’s office again. Well, he convinced me to meet with Dr. Carl Cleveland Jr., and called him to schedule a meeting. To my surprise, Dr. Cleveland said to come on up to the college. After the conversation I was convinced, I needed to start chiropractic college and make it my career. Dr Boring’s son, Raymond, was in my graduating class.

After my graduation, I opened my first office, and on January 29, 1967, I opened my office in a new building, and rented office space in the lower level (basement) of a 600-square-foot building. The rent was $100 a month, so I worked a deal with the owner to clean half of the building for half of my rent. I bought the best used furniture and equipment I could for the office. In going through my records, I found my open house invitation, and my guest registration book. I remember it was very cold, we had snow just a couple of days before, and I thought I was probably not going to have a great turnout. However, after going through my guest book I realized that I had 105 people attend.

Within a few years after graduation, I started purchasing and growing existing practices. I have hired and trained many associates and independent contractors over the years as well. What a great profession chiropractic has been for me, and Cleveland University-Kansas City has provided me with the skills and opportunities to successfully practice for forty years!

Earning my degree at CUKC has allowed me to serve my community, and be a part of the solution to reduce access to care barriers for minorities. I further make a difference by educating future generations of chiropractors, promoting diversity within the profession, and by being a positive role model/mentor.

I have the opportunity to change lives and meet new people on a daily basis. I get to see people of all ages who are improving their health every day! I recall treating a patient who had never seen a chiropractor before. She suffered from chronic low back pain because of a car accident years ago. This patient had seen multiple providers for her condition, which resulted in very little improvement. She began to feel extremely frustrated and depressed. Chiropractic care resulted in 80 % reduction of her pain and the patient was able to return to work, decrease anxiety/depression and pain medications. She is now living a healthy lifestyle (physically and mentally).

Cleveland provided me with a career that, so far, has lasted almost 45 years. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Chiropractic really is my life. If I ever decide to retire, and I can’t see that happening soon, it couldn’t match what I’ve learned so far in my time on this planet.

A specific case when I made an impact comes to mind from my second year of practice. A 72-year-old patient came to my office with problems including: diabetic neuropathy (no feeling below the knees), back pain, fatigue, muscle weakness and much more. We combined chiropractic care, lifestyle changes, exercise and everything else I could think of, and in a year, he was functioning like a much younger man, and could drive again after more than two years without driving.

We’ve provided relief of pain as well as other symptoms we never even thought might respond to care, every day, for all these years. We can continue making a difference by educating the public and our chiropractic students. Personally, I occasionally teach postgraduate seminars to both students and fellow doctors.

Philosophy from Dr. Carl Jr., along with Parker, embedded in me the body’s healing power and the motivation to treat a multitude of conditions and people. I graduated in October 1975, and retired in 2020. Throughout that time, besides countless patients returning to health, inspiring others to become chiropractors has made a tremendous impact on my community and others. There are currently 12 members of my family who are chiropractors. Many of us treated hundreds of patients daily for decades, with associates and branch offices. Many of our staff and patients have gone on to become chiropractors also. Best guesstimates are 100 DCs have resulted from our family’s influence, resulting in hundreds of thousands of patients experiencing chiropractic care. Thank you Drs. Cleveland for your impact on our lives and the lives of so many.